Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pharm Poultry

The other day Erikka mentioned her memories of our Drug Ducky in a comment on the post, Life in a Small New Hampshire Town, Remembered with Fondness . I thought I’d best clarify our connections with pharmacological fowl before anyone gets the wrong idea about the Zees.

Back when my mother was my current age and I was much younger and smarter, I expressed my concern to her about the number of pills she took every day. She more or less told me to mind my own business because without those pills she wouldn’t be alive and kicking, and then she shot out the door for another golf game.

As time went by, my doctor prescribed some pills for me, and Beez got a little prescription of his own. We kept them on the table in a little duck basket that became known as Drug Ducky. DD would “fly” over the table at suppertime, dispensing pills to each of us. The children (and their friends, including Erikka) were mildly amused at first, then patiently tolerant of our little ducky games.

Sadly enough, we slowly accumulated more prescriptions and outgrew the duck, so to speak, graduating to a much larger birdy basket called Goose Turk. The goose bore up well over the years under her ever-increasing burdens.

Fast forward to now, when both Beez and I have fallen victim to genetically pre-ordained cases of arthritis, in addition to our various other old people diagnoses. We are glad to take our pills and if my mother were still around I would certainly apologize for criticizing her drug regime. Having once again outgrown our fowl pill dispenser, we've devoted an entire cupboard shelf to our pill containers. The goose is retired and now we have opted for those grampy-style Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday dispensers, which have the added advantage of assisting with sometimes lapsing memories. (Did I take my morning pills? Did I remember to dust Drug Ducky?)

So, there you have it, the true story of the Drug Ducky connection in the Zee Family. My thanks to Beez for the title of this post and for all the other naming that goes on in our family.


Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

Clair, your blog gets better and better and better with each entry. When is that danged book coming out, anywayz? I'm completely serious, you got the creds, babygirl... articulate, knowledgable, talented and funny as all get out... everything a person needs to write a book. Oh, forgot to add organized... which ain't nothing to sneeze at.

Please give us the release date well in advance so it doesn't sell out right from underneath us.

And thank you again for such a delightful blog. When my day isn't going quite the way I'd like, I can always count on you to remind me to dust off the angst, look around and enjoy life.

clairz said...

Thanks, Auntie! Spoken like a true family member...


Anonymous said...

Loved the blog today. I can relate to the Drug Ducky. I think once we hit the big 4-0, we all need one.
Each entry gets better. I suspect after we move out, I shall have to start my own blog about moving from Maine to NM....the Northeast Edition.


Akkire said...

oh no! i didn't mean to imply any pharmaceutical addictions!!! i'm glad you told the story to clear that up. :)