Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Moving Advice; A Cautionary Tale

[Someone on the City-Data New Mexico Forum asked for advice about moving with "the longest available" U-Haul truck with a car-carrier pulled behind].

(Hum the theme song from Indiana Jones here).

I have just one little piece of advice--whatever you do, don't get yourself into a situation with that rig where you have to back up. U-Haul mentions that you shouldn't do this somewhere in the small print and probably everyone (else) in the world was born knowing it. However, we got stuck behind a motel in a parking lot that dead-ended instead of going all the way around and were forced to do a little backing. That was the end of the hitch that was holding on the car carrier. It broke clean off.

U-Haul came the next day and took away the car carrier and I ended up having to drive the car over the George Washington Bridge (New York City) during what surely seemed like rush hour to me.

Now, remember that part in one of the old Indiana Jones movies where Marion gets grabbed by some fez-wearing guys with mustaches in a bazaar and they carry her off in a big covered basket? Indie gives chase and turns a corner to find the bazaar filled with tons of fez-wearing guys with mustaches carrying big covered baskets that look exactly like the one Marion is in... (stay with me here, I'll get back to the U-Haul situation, I promise).

So I'm driving the loaded Subaru and following my husband who is driving the now car-carrierless U-Haul and we don't have cell phones and I'm not sure where we're going and I hate to drive and I hate traffic and there's lots of it and I'm talking to myself and singing through gritted teeth just to get through it all and he gets ahead of me and goes around a curve... and as I make it around the curve, trying to spot him, the whole highway is suddenly filled with U-Hauls that look exactly like the one he is driving.

Long story short, I never saw him again. And dang, he had the cats with him, too.


P.S. Of course, I saw him again, but I thought that other ending sounded better.

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Akkire said...

hahaha! i like the alternate ending. i drove a uhaul once and side swiped a car. who knew big rigs were so unwieldy?