Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Mr. Zee" Hits the Big Time

A few posts back I shared with you the story, Mr. Zee Goes Up, which is a newer (and way more alcoholic) version of one of the stories I used tell aloud to the kids in my school library. Those little New Hampshire children just couldn't hear enough about the Southwest, because life in New Mexico is so very different from anything we were experiencing in New England. They wanted to hear and marvel over tales of the hot desert and the snakes and the tarantulas and the little mud houses. Sometimes I would pull out the read aloud book of the day and they would talk me into setting it aside and telling them more stories about the Organ Mountains, the huge skies, the City of Rocks, and our [slightly doctored-up] adventures in New Mexico.

I am pleased to tell you that Mr. Zee Goes Up will be published on The Elder Storytelling Place, a website published by Ronni Bennett, who "was a producer for such television programs as 20/20 and The Barbara Walters Specials on the ABC network and for shows at Lifetime TV, NBC, CBS and PBS" and "who was managing editor at" (All quotes from the website Time Goes By ).

Watch for it on Tuesday, June 24. I'll be back after knee surgery.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, clairz, you make me so mad. Get over yourself and stop all this bragging. You'd think you were already on those precious pain pills. Big time, indeed!

Anonymous said...

I read your story this morning at The elder storytelling place, and enjoyed it very much. I have just read some of your blog and like what I see.
About your library week ... my mother was baptized in a library and forever after claimed her religion to be that of Librarian.
Good luck with the surgery.

Akkire said...

good luck with surgery!