Thursday, June 12, 2008

Moving Cross Country

The dogs curled up and slept most of the time, when they weren't smiling

I've been corresponding with some online friends about their upcoming moves to New Mexico--one from Washington State, and one who is coming all the way from Maine, as did my sister a few months ago.

I just can't help it, I get nostalgic for the road trip. Perhaps if I look at a few photos from our trip from New Hampshire to New Mexico, almost a year ago now, I can get over that desire to pack up and drive a long way. These photos will illustrate that, no matter how well you plan and pack, the chaos factor sets in sooner or later. We moved two dogs and three cats, several fragile plants (you can see their crushed remains peeking out from under the shifted load), and underwear. I know I packed underwear, but somehow it ended up in the bottom layer and was unreachable for the duration of the journey.

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