Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Another Sewing Slip-Up

Quite a few years back, my Siamese cat, Keeker, came in from our yard in Las Cruces with something sticking out from between her teeth. I thought immediately of the time, years before, when I had been doing some hand sewing and had set the needle and thread down to go and answer the phone. When I came back she was making her strange Siamese caterwauling sound and there was a bit of thread hanging out of her mouth. When I investigated a little closer there was something shiny in her teeth--my needle! I got it out somehow and learned my lesson about leaving needles around.

Back to the situation in Las Cruces. I thought at first--oh, no, not another sewing slipup!--but when I leaned down to check, she gave one more yowl and out popped a little snakelet. Somehow, in spite of the energy expended in jumping up and down and shouting various things, I managed to get the broom, sweep the snake out the door and into my garden. I have to admit, I never weeded that section much after that, figuring that the little guy had lots more family somewhere out there.

Here she is, survivor of snake adventures and sewing catastrophes: Keekerekka Z., 1985-2004. She is modeling a raccoon collar in this photo, don't ask me why.


Akkire said...

are you recuperating? how was surgery?

clairz said...

This is a great heading (sewing slip-up) for writing about surgery!! I am recovering, whipped along by the mercilous folk down at PT. The surgeon keeps the wound uncovered, gets the patient started on PT in the hospital and into the shower all on day two--all of which make a big difference in speed of recovery. I have 6 trips to outpatient PT in these first two weeks and then I am on my own. The grotty staples come out next Monday. I have graduated from a walker to a cane to a little bit of walking independently. All this just 9 days after surgery. Muy quicko!