Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Family

I've been listening to a great selection of Christmas music mixed by National Public Radio. It's called Jingle Jams, and consists of 100 holiday songs, familiar and not-so. You can see the playlist here, and join the streaming continuous loop of music by clicking on the link on that page.

One song was new to me and I found it a little offensive at first. I'm a traditionalist, more or less, and have a picture in my mind of what a family Christmas should look like. Of course, that sort of thinking often leads to disappointment. This song, "Merry Christmas from the Family," gives a far more realistic representation of some of the characters we may actually have in our families, and of some of the quirky events we may experience during our holiday celebrations.

Just for you, I found a video of Jill Sobule's rendition of the song. It's a riot and I'm getting fonder of it all the time. One of my favorite parts is of the jellied cranberry sauce being dumped from the can onto a paper plate. Watch for it!


the7msn said...

What a hoot. The cranberry sauce is great, but I like the canned cheez whiz directly into mouth scene.

Jean (aka Auntie Bucksnort) said...

"I'm a traditionalist, more or less, and have a picture in my mind of what a family Christmas should look like."

I believe that the last officially documented sighting of one of these was in 1957.

RIP, Traditional Family Christmas.

Long live the 21st Century Blended Extended Dysfunctional Family Christmas!

Cheers and pass the Red Bull! It's all good.

(What the heck will anthropologists have to say in another 2,000 years when they try to deciper our cave drawings?)

Judy said...

This was all so funny. I liked the cranberry sauce, too. My girls love the stuff and we have it every Christmas. It made me remember a few times in the past when everything went haywire!

Margie's Musings said...

I will never forget the Christmas my uncle was back for Christmas and my mom told him about my great pumpkin pies. I made four pies that year. My uncle took one bite and nearly gagged. I had forgotten the sugar! We threw them all out.