Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where on Earth Did 2008 Go?

Yes, fins can be worn around the house

I hope that you have been visiting Ronni Bennett's blog, The Elder Storytelling Place, which is a place where elder bloggers can share their stories.

Just in case you need a little encouragement, let me modestly guide you to my own stories that appear there, including one today. All of these have appeared previously here on The Zees, but feel free to read them again.

Fins and the Art of Swim Kick Maintenance

Second Tier Girl

Hope Wins; How We Heard the News in the Reddest Part of a Blue State


Mr. Zee Goes Up


Anonymous said...

I just read your hilarious story about swim fins on Elder Story Telling Place and came to visit your blog. Imagine my delight in discovering that you are a fellow New Mexican. I'm in ABQ and am always looking for bloggers in this area to talk shop with. I'll be a regular here from now on...

Sylvia K said...

A great and hilarious story indeed! Thanks for being such a great friend over the past six months of my blogging! I look forward to all your great stories in the new year to come! Happy New Year!