Saturday, December 13, 2008

What Are You Reading This Weekend?

I've just started the book, The Songlines, by Bruce Chatwin. What a relief! I had been trying to make my way through a travel book on Great Britain in which the author was finding fault about almost everything--not a pleasant read, and not a book I'll name here, since I'm finding fault about it. Lucky for me, there was one more unread book in my library bag.

I picked up The Songlines last night just to take a look at the table of contents and then found myself, half an hour later, many pages into the book and marveling at the lovely writing of Chatwin. He is interested in nomadism and the way that some cultures wander the earth, and has ended up in Australia. He has explained how the Australian aboriginal people "sing" the world into existence. Beyond that, I cannot tell you yet, but I am struck by his eloquence on every page.

So, what are you reading this weekend? I would love to hear your recommendations because I am always looking forward to my next great read. The comments are open, and I hope you will share the titles of some good books we can all add to our lists.


the7msn said...

I'm "reading" (as in listening to on my ipod) The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I sort of remember reading it when it came out 20 or so years ago - it was the last book on earth I thought I'd be interested in (cathedral building in the middle ages) by an author whose spy novels never would be on my list. And it's so freakin' good I can't stand it!

Last weekend I read "Water for Elephants," by Sarah Gruen, more historical fiction - the life and loves of a circus vet in the 1930s. It moved right to the top of my all time favorite's list.

BZ said...

I'm catching up with two months of The Atlantic. I just finished JK Rowling's Tales of Beadle the Bard. I'm beginning The Leaders We Deserved by Alvin Felzenberg and Ian Fleming's Casino Royale (time to revisit old James)

Linda said...

On my MP3 playing I'm listening to Thomas Friedman's book, Hot Flat & Crowded.

On my Kindle I'm reading Johnathan Alter's book about FDR's first 100 days. Can't say I'm impressed with FDR. I understand Obama has read this book lately.

I'm also knitting a pair of socks and stop from time to time to tease my brain working crossword puzzles and wordfinds on our Nintendo DS.

We're expecting a winter storm this week-end so I'm prepared for it. I should not get bored.

Anonymous said...

I read Chatwin's SONGLINES book about 25+ years ago after hearing an interview with him on Public Radio. One of the most lyrical and insightful books I've ever read. The opening section - about how he came to be a traveling kinda guy - is breathtaking. Enjoy.

Akkire said...

This week-end I read Pretties (book II in a series)a YA novel by Scott Westerfield. I am now reading Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card.

In queue -

Three Cups of Tea
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Does this make my head look fat?