Thursday, October 25, 2007

Southwest Books

Every time I check around the Santa Fe Public Library web site, I find something helpful that I can use. Even though I live far from this library, they provide me with lots of ideas about what to read next. Here is their list of the 100 most popular Southwest titles:


Sony said...

Okay Z-- Let us know your favs!! You can't just point us to another site :) This is your blog, baby, and we want to know your opinions!!

clairz said...

Geek, you are so demanding! Okay, right now I am reading Turn Left at the Sleeping Dog; Scripting the Santa Fe Legend, 1920-1955, by John Pen La Farge. Here are a couple of quotes from the book that I just had to write down in my notebook: "...word got back to the East that one might find a rather exotic freedom in New Mexico, in an atmosphere like no other." And "the people of the land were nonjudgmental as well as exotic, welcoming as well as foreign, and reasonably willing to let a man do as he pleased as long as he did not do it in the street and frighten the horses."

You will probably say that I am sidestepping the question by throwing out quotes from the author but, after all, I'm only on page 11.

I am planning a whole post on the books of Michael McGarrity, so stay tuned.