Thursday, October 11, 2007

Volunteering in Clovis—Nice Work if You Can Find It

I was hoping that I could find volunteer work here in Clovis by checking either the newspaper or the city web site. There didn’t appear to be any one central listing of volunteer opportunities. When I started asking the people I met, they told me that there are a great many volunteer opportunities, but that people find out about them through "word of mouth."

So I made a list for myself and for anyone else trying to figure out where to start in Clovis. Here is my list of organizations seeking volunteers, with the information and needs that they list on their web sites in italics. I will add to this list from time to time, as I discover other organizations looking for help.

Clovis Public Library:

Volunteer requirements:
Volunteers must be at least 12 years old
A record of hours worked is kept
Applications are required
Applicants are interviewed
Projects can be selected

Curry County Literacy Council:

Goal and mission: “…to provide one with a sense of security to gain employment, have life skills, and assist in language development. It is our mission to help English-speaking adults and families improve their reading, writing, listening, speaking, numeracy and other life skills through programs adapted for the needs of the individual.”

What you can do to help:
Tutor basic literacy students
Tutor English as a Second Language students
Tutor students in need of Life Skills
Help plan special projects, such as Workplace Literacy or Family Literacy
Help promote awareness

HOSTS program:

What it is: H.O.S.T.S (Help One Student to Succeed) is a federal program in the schools where students work with a mentor to help them succeed in reading.

· HOSTS is not a curriculum, but an instructional strategy designed to complement the existing curriculum.
· HOSTS provides assistance to students who need help developing reading skills using one-on-one mentoring by a community volunteer.
· HOSTS mentors provide role models who motivate, support, and provide individual attention for "at risk" students.

The program is looking for people who:

Enjoy working with children
Have 30 minutes to 1 hour one day per week to volunteer
Have a desire to Help One Student To Succeed


United Way of Eastern New Mexico; Clubs, Civic, and Volunteer Opportunities

This is the kind of listing I wish I had found at the beginning of my search. It will connect you with volunteer possibilities for everything from animal welfare to youth services. 

VistaCare (hospice) volunteer opportunities:

VistaCare provides a comprehensive program of care for individuals with a life-limiting illness. VistaCare offers a wide range of supportive services to terminally ill patients and their families. [The] staff not only treats physical pain and symptoms, but also provides emotional, social, and spiritual support for the individual and their loved ones. [They] also work collaboratively with area physicians and clinicians.

For volunteers: Training is provided and assignments are based on your interests and availability. You can choose to:

· Visit with patients and families to provide companionship
· Visit with a patient to provide the caregiver a time of respite
· Assist with basic maintenance, yard, and handy work at patients’ homes
· Prepare meals or run errands for patients
· Provide assistance with light housekeeping for patients
· Provide grief and bereavement support for families
· Assist in the office with administrative and clerical tasks
· Help recruit and train other volunteers
· Work in your own home making special items for patients
· Contribute your professional expertise

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Anonymous said...

This is wonderful Claire! What a great resource! I will pass this on to others. And thanks for the publicity!!:)
Nancy Clark/ CCLC