Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Amazing Statistics for Blog Action Day

If you are a blog fan, you probably read somewhere that October 15th was Blog Action Day—a day when as many Bloggers as possible wrote something about the environment. It was a project to get as many people as possible thinking about environmental issues, no matter what their interests. There were posts about ways to live greener, how to eat locally and why, and links to companies with environmentally friendly initiatives.

As you might expect, having so many different personalities expressing opinions on the same topic resulted in some unusual statements. One blogger suggested that we all drive the biggest cars possible because “If, as the theory says, our reliance on fossil fuels like petrol is the cause of the problem then it seems clear that the best way to end that reliance is to use it all up as fast as possible. Only then will car manufacturers consider it economically viable for their business to heavily invest in alternative fuels.”

When I published my environmental issue post on the Ogallala Aquifer the latest news was that almost 16,000 bloggers were taking part in the project. Here are the final numbers, which are even more impressive!

20,603 Blogs Participated
23,327 Blog Posts (search Google Blog Search to find them)
14,631,038 RSS Readers

See all the statistics for Blog Action Day at

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