Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Living in a Little Adobe House*

Thick, thick walls made of earth and water and straw
connected to the earth they were made from
the same color as the garden soil.
Deep windowsills
the firmness of cool tiles underfoot
rounded corners
kiva fireplace burning fragrant wood
bancos to sit on
vigas and latillas up above
nichos in the walls.
A peaceful quiet, held and contained.
Warm in winter
cool in summer
windows looking out at desert willows and cottonwoods
and maybe some hollyhocks.
A strong sense of shelter.

Kiva, bancos, vigas, latillas, nichos: See the glossary of New Mexico architectural and decorating terms at

Books About Adobe Houses:
Adobe Houses for Today, by Laura Sanchez.
Behind Adobe Walls, by Lisl Dennis.
The Small Adobe House, by Agnesa Reeve.

Children’s Books about Adobe Houses:
Grandmother’s Adobe Dollhouse, by MaryLou M. Smith.
This House is Made of Mud/Esta Casa está Hecha de Lodo, by Ken Buchanan.

*Dedicated to our little adobe house in Las Cruces

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