Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Flower Design for a Sweater

I imagine that there are plenty of knitters who can "paint" designs as they go with their knitting needles. I am not one of them. I was one of those students who, though doing well in academic subjects, always got low marks on the standardized tests of one's ability to envision different sides of an imagined object, or to predict the outcomes to be expected by placement of certain objects in particular places. I believe that is called "spatial organization," and I do not have it. I have so much trouble with the concept that I am not even certain that it applies here. 

To help me along with my spatial difficulties, I design my knit motifs using a standard spreadsheet program, which is a difficult enough concept for me. Here, above, is one repeat of my stylized flower motif copied from the spreadsheet. You can see it below in two different-colored sweaters. 

Without breaking down the design into a single repeat, I would never have cast on the right number of stitches (multiple of four). Without the diagram attached to a clipboard right in front of me, I could never have gotten the right colored stitches in the right places.  With the diagram, I had a lot of fun knitting with two colors at once. 

Unfortunately, my design also contained some rows with three colors, which necessitated picking up and dropping the third color while concentrating mightily. Still fun, though.


June Saville said...

Lovely Clair - and what a good concept. Bad luck about knitting for me - my fingers were ruined by typing on those old old typewriters when I was a journalist.

clairz said...

Well, June, not many people can say that any more (about the typewriters).

I do a lot of this knitting and crocheting while watching the Red Sox (baseball to you Aussies) with my husband. That way at the end of the game at least one of us has something to show for the time! Plus, we've had fun together shouting at our boys on the TV. I am such a cheap date (as Bucksnort always says).