Saturday, May 30, 2009

May Flowers We'll See in June, I Hope

Forgive me for reposting this slide show that I made last year, called My Clovis: Flowers in May. I mainly wanted to remind myself of the flowers we haven't seen yet--we lost a lot of plants, branches, and buds to a late blizzard this spring. The roses are just now starting to bloom, and I'm not sure when my irises will recover.

Some of these flowers were in our yard in the spring of 2008; some were in other parts of town. 


LM said...

Hi Clair,
We got a puppy from the shelter.

LM said...

Oops! I hadn't finished my email. The puppy's name is MacDougal and we got him from Nashua. Sam loves him. The cats are tolerating. He's more work than Sam ever was! Send me an email...leighannmaher@yahoo...and I'll send you a pic. :o)

tara said...

I recently moved to Clovis and it's nice to see what's to come!